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Kings of Leon Band

Four Brothers (three brothers and a cousin) with bowl cuts, small garish jean jackets, moustaches and beards probably the coolest band who MTV aired, they are the Kings of Leon. From Tennessee backyard to Supermodels, international celebrities, that is what the Band has become into with their popular music.The Kings of Leon Albums are known for their spine tingling music, heartfelt poignant lyrics, the mood and atmosphere created by Caleb's voice. The debut kings of Leon Album, youth and young manhood UK certified gold, and in Australia a certified platinum. Their Second album Aha Shake Heartbreak was platinum in Ireland, Australia and UK.

The band's third album, Because of the Times, was no 1 in the New Zealand, UK and Irish album charts, they were certified platinums in all the 3 countries.The fourth one of the Kings of Leon albums, Only by Night, was the most successful album till date , it won several accolades and was announced 25th best sold album worldwide (2008), the chart buster Sex on Fire was part of it . Then came, Come Around Sundown released in 2010 a concisely produced and polished album with its chartbuster song Radioactive.

It took four Kings of Leon albums to gain popularity in their home country, but they already had the support from Europe. The new album did not do well commercially as the earlier one did, but it got full marks for the creativity.Now the fans look forward to their tour starting in May 2011 and reveling in another great album from the leaders of modern rock.

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